Semantic Web Conference
September 18 , 2002(Wednesday)
Advance program guide :
The development of the new Web technology has been advancing in the USA and Europe. This technology has a possibility to drastically change the feature in the incoming high IT society. It is called the Semantic Web technology.
Current Web technology offers a human interface, on the other hand the Semantic Web technology presents a human interface and a machine readable interface. In this Semantic Web, Web information will be processed by agent program and mechanical jobs on Internet will be realized automatically. The result will be that the efficiency of economic activity and convenience of social and family life are improved extremely.
In this situation, the conference will be held by SFC Laboratory of Keio University and INTAP. The conference provides the latest technology trend of the Semantic Web and standardization activity and future scope of W3C(World Wide Web Consortium) by international researchers. It also provides the latest trend of the Semantic Web technology on the view of enterprise side by engineers. Through this conference, we hope that Japanese IT researchers and engineers acknowledge this technology still more and these studies are advanced.
About the Semantic Web of W3C, please refer to the following home page,
Location :
Nishikoshiya Hall , Keio University
  Mita 2-15-45 , Minato-ku , TOKYO 108-8345, JAPAN
  (MAP :
Organizer :
SFC Labo. Keio University home-page
INTAP(Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing , Japan) home-page
Support :
METI(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
JEITA(Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)
IAjapan( Internet Association Japan)
Capacity :
400 seats
Registration fee :
\3000 per person
  Supporting Members of INTAP and IAjapan, and Members of SFC Labo. Keio University : free
  Students : free
Registration :
Whenever we receive your e-mail of applications, we will send a mail of participation.
  necessary items : name, company/school name, address, e-mail address, phone number,
Secretariat :
Yasuyoshi Katuragawa, Yoshikazu Katori
  Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing, Japan(INTAP)
  Bunkyo Green Court Center Office 13F 28-8,Honkomagome 2 chomeABunkyu-ku,TOKYO 113-6591,JAPAN
  Phone +81-3-5977-1301
  FAX. +81-3-5977-1302

10:00-10:10 Organizerfs welcome speech
Speaker : Shigemi Wakamatu, Executive Director, INTAP
10:10-10:40 Honorable guestfs speech : The future of e-Japan plan and IT technology
Speaker : Katsuya Makiuchi , METI
10:40-11:10 Session : What is the Semantic Web?
Speaker : Dr. Tatsuya Hagino, Professor, Keio University
11:10-11:40 Session : The Semantic Web and the current Web Service
Speaker : Noboru Shimizu, General Manager, NEC Corporation
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:10 Organizerfs welcome speech
Speaker : Dr. Nobuo Saito, Vice President, Keio University
13:10-13:35 Session : The Metadata and Applications
Speaker : Hiroshi Tsuda, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd
13:35-14:00 Session : The Semantic Web and Ontology Description Language
Speaker : Masaki Kiyono, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
14:00-14:25 Session : Tools in the Semantic Web
Speaker : Yukihiro Morita, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
14:25-14:50 Session : Application system in the Semantic Web
Speaker : Itaru Hosomi, NEC Corporation
14:50-15:10 Coffee break
15:10-17:00 Panel Discussion: Will The Semantic Web be widely used in business ?
  Dr. Tatsuya Hagino, Professor, Keio University
  Naomichi Kawamura, General Manager, Fujitsu Ltd.
  Hironobu Kuruma, Hitachi, Ltd.
  Hiroyuki Ogura, IBM Japan, Ltd.
  Makoto Imamura, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  Hiroyuki Sato, NTT Information Sharing Platform Labs.
Committee Chair :
Akifumi Kambara, General Manager, Technical Development Dept., INTAP

Dr. Ralph R. Swick of W3C who was scheduled to be as the Keynote speaker at the conference cannot come to Japan under unavoidable circumstances. We feel sorry for your inconvenience, if any, which may arise by the sudden change of the program due to his absence.
Secretariat of the Conference Organizer

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