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About Semantic Web Committee  
INTAP (Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing, Japan) has established the Semantic Web Committee, based on a recognition that the Semantic Web is a critical technology which will affect widely economic activities and social life as well as IT industries. INTAP drives forward researches and developments related to the Semantic Web and its promotion in Japan through the Committee, in cooperation with research organizations such as Keio University and the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C).
INTAP established the Semantic Web Committee as one of its expert committee in November 2001.
In Europe and the U.S., various institutes and research organizations are advancing researches and developments of the Semantic Web, which is a new Web technology that has potentiality of innovating the existing information society.
The basic principle of the Semantic Web is to describe meanings of all kinds of data and information including Web resources as machine-readable metadata and to enable software agents to process these metadata on behalf of human. So it is expected that the diffusion of the Semantic Web will bring about the economic efficiency and enhance the convenience in our life, because computer can do some monotonous works instead of human in the Semantic Web framework.
In Europe and the U.S., new businesses are also emerging by taking results of R&D projects of the Semantic Web in advance. For Japanese industries to lead the world in information technologies, we think it is essential to devote our resources to research of the Semantic Web. From these backgrounds, INTAP has established the Semantic Web Committee in order to drive forward research, development and promotion of the Semantic Web in Japan.

Semantic Web Committee Members  
Committee Chairman
Noboru SHIMIZU (Keio University)
Nobuo SAITO (Komazawa University)
Tatsuya HAGINO (Keio University)
Committee Members
Yukihiro MORITA (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)
Takahiro KAWAMURA (TOSHIBA Corporation)
Itaru HOSOMI (NEC Corporation)
Hiroyuki SATO (NTT Information Sharing Platform Labs.)
Masaru TAKEUCHI (Hitachi, Ltd.)
Kunio MATSUI (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)
Keisuke WATANABE (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Tadashi IIJIMA (Keio University)
Hideaki TAKEDA (National Institute of Informatics)
Nobuyuki OTOMORI (Justsystem Corporation)
Motomu NAITO (Knowledge Synergy Inc.)

Semantic Web Committee Activities  
  • Research trends of Semantic Web technologies in Europe and U.S.
    RDF, OWL, DAML, RSS, Dublin Core, e.t.c.
  • Use cases of Semantic Web
  • Trends of standardization organization for semantic web technology

Research & Development
  • Proposal activities to public and private sectors
  • Enhancement of search engine performance by metadata addition to public webpages
  • Development of standard and specification in Japan and submission to the W3C

  • Semantic Web Conference co-hosted with the W3C
    (October 2001, September 2002, November 2003, February 2005, January 2006, at Keio University)
  • Semantic Web Workshop
    (December 2001, at DBWeb2001 in Kyoto. December 2002, at DBWeb2002 in Tokyo. May 2005, at WWW2005 Workshop in Chiba)

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