Activities on Semantic Web Technologies in Japan

A WWW2005 Workshop

Tuesday May 10, 2005
Chiba(Makuhari Messe), Japan

Workshop Topic and Content
The Semantic Web is a new Web technology that has potentiality of innovating the existing information society. In Japan, research institutes and industries are advancing various research projects on the Semantic Web and developing various practical applications.
In this workshop, each of presenters will speak about outlines of their research projects or practical applications on the Semantic Web in Japan, including some demonstrations of software. One of the purposes of the workshop is introducing Japanese activities in the Semantic Web field to other country’s participants, as the host country.
There have been a series of specifications and several tools that will become the basis of the spread of the Semantic Web. Currently, the emergences of some application systems that will open the door for further spread and dissemination of the Semantic Web are eagerly anticipated. During the workshop, presenters will introduce various breakthrough research projects and practical applications on the Semantic Web and share their significant knowledge and experiences. Through the workshop, we intend to contribute further spread and dissemination of the Semantic Web technology.

Presenters and Themes
  1. SemanticWeb Engine (A Semantic Web Platform)
    Noboru Shimizu
    Keio Research Institute at SFC
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  2. Metamodel for Ontology Registration - Toward ontology management -
    Masao Okabe
    Co-Editor, MMF Ontology Registration Project, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32/WG2
    Corporate Systems Department, Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.

  3. Semantic-Structure-Based Search Engine
    Takashi Miyata
    Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology, Japan Science and Technology Agency
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  4. Knowledge Resource Search System on Groupware
    Shiroh Ikegami
    Software R&D Group Ricoh Company, Ltd.

  5. Functional Metadata Schema for Engineering Knowledge Management
    Riichiro Mizoguchi
    The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  6. RDF/Topic Maps mapping and application framework -Realization of Seamless Knowledge-
    Motomu Naito
    Knowledge Synergy Inc.
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  7. Pragmatics of RDF/OWL
    Guus Schreiber [Invited Speaker]
    Free University Amsterdam
    Co-chair W3C Web Ontology Working Group 2002-2004
    Co-chair W3C Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group

  8. Ubiquitous Service Finder - Discovery of Services semantically derived from metadata in Ubiquitous Computing -
    Takahiro Kawamura
    R&D Center Toshiba Corp.

  9. Semblog Project
    Hideaki Takeda
    National Institute of Informatics
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  10. Finding Similarity and Comparability from Merged Hetero Data of the Semantic Web by Using Graph Pattern Matching
    Hiroyuki Sato
    NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, NTT Corporation

  11. Decision Support System for Rocket Launch Using Semantic Web Services
    Seiji Koide
    Galaxy Express Corporation
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  12. An Intelligent Data Broker for Virtual Integration of Heterogeneous Distributed Meteorological Databases
    Seishi Ninomiya
    National Agricultural Research Center, National Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization
    [Presentation], [Proceeding]

  13. Meeting information management based on Semantic Web - Semantic Web integrates system, information appliance, and knowledge -
    Hiroshi Tsuda
    Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
    [Presentation], [Proceeding(Refer to the presentation.)]